Top Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2017.

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Do you know what to buy your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and the rush to buy a gift for your loved one is on. If you’re still stuck on what to buy for that special someone, this data collected by might help. They conducted a survey on the average that is being spent on gifts, how individuals are spending Valentine’s Day, and the top flowers and treats being purchased.

According to the survey, spending for this year’s Valentine’s Day is up 24% from 2016, with males spending an average of $60.78 and females spending $47.83 on average. Additionally, 38% said that they will not be spending money this year. Below is the average amount being spent based on an individuals relationship status.

  • Singles- $47
  • Dating- $65
  • Engaged- $82
  • Married- $53

Here’s how people will be spending Valentine’s Day.

  • At home- 45.1%
  • Dining out- 29.7%
  • Night out on the town- 10.5%
  • Recreational Activity (bowling)- 7.1%
  • Movies- 6%
  • Other- 1.6%

The most popular flowers are:

  • Roses- 48.3%
  • Tulip- 13.8%
  • Sunflower- 8.4%
  • Lilies- 8.2%
  • Daisies- 8%
  • Orchids- 7.9%
  • Others- 5.5%

These are people’s favorite Valentine’s Day treats.

  • 27.6% Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • 27.6% Box of Chocolates
  • 13.7% Caramels
  • 10.2% Candy Bars
  • 8.8% Sweethearts
  • 6.6% Cinnamon Hearts
  • 5.4% Other

Additionally, compiled a list of the top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts per state. For Illinois the top gifts are 1) Chocolate diamond rings, 2) Promise rings, 3) Box of chocolates, 4) Charm Bracelet, and 5) Lockets.

So what are you getting for Valentine’s Day?  For a full look at’s survey, visit this website.

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