Teutopolis Board of Education Approves Tax Levy

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Teutopolis Board of Education Approves Tax Levy

The Teutopolis Board of Education passed a tax levy Monday night to the tune of $4,360,467. Teutopolis Superintendent Bill Fritcher says that this year’s rate increase is slightly lower than past years due a lower Tort levy. “The small[er] increase is primarily due to the fact that we did lower our tort levy amount, so we were able to decrease the overall amount that we’re asking for,” Fritcher said.

Fritcher the district has to levy at the highest rate allowed by law in order to capture all the available tax dollars. Whether or not they’ll receive that amount is dependent on the district’s EAV, or equalized assessed value. That value is based on factors out of the district’s control. “I would have to have a very clear picture on new constructions coming on the tax rolls and what other reassessments have been done,” Fritcher said.  “And it’s almost impossible to gather that information prior to asking for the amount of money on the levy,” he continued.

Superintendent Fritcher discusses the tax levy.

Fritcher does, however, predict a slight reduction in the rate increase as compared to last year, once again, depending on the EAV. If things go according to plan, that increase should be around 3.6, down from 3.7 from last year.

In other action, the board gave their stamp of approval in new preschool for the district that will be run out of the grade school. The school will have 40 spots open and will focus on at-risk youth in the area. Interested parents will need to enroll their kids and tuition will cost around $1000 for the whole school year. “I do believe it’s a necessary and valuable program,” Fritcher said. According to him, preschool programs make a “monstrous” difference for students. The district isn’t likely to make any money off the program, or even break even in it’s first year.

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