Store Employees Buy A Kid His Own WiiU

Effingham, IL / Effingham Radio

A boy in Valley Stream, NY is set to have a brighter holiday thanks to several Best Buy employees.

It seems the kid regularly came in to the Best Buy location to play the WiiU game console on display.  Having witnessed the boy’s dedication and love of the game unit, several Best Buy employees pooled together and purchased one for his very own.

In a video posted by the store, the stunned gamer couldn’t believe his good fortune.

“The employees in this store saw an opportunity to make a child smile and did just that,” Rahiem Storr wrote in the post with the video.

The kid, however was afraid to walk home alone with his new gift, citing that he lived in a bad neighborhood.  So, a store employee drove him home with the console and walked him to his apartment.

Check out the video below!

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