First Teaser for ‘The Mummy’ Released

Effingham, IL / Effingham Radio

Just like the monster itself, “The Mummy” is coming back to life again with Hollywood big hitters like Tom Cruise and Russel Crowe, plus the up and coming Sofia Boutella. Only this time… they have CGI and they’re not afraid to use it. The 15 second teaser released on Thursday was just a taste however, with the full trailer promised for Sunday.

To clarify, this reboot is based on the 1932 classic, starring Boris Karloff, not the 1999 films with Brendan Fraser. The film has a June release date and has promised all the action of the original, now with more skyscrapers being destroyed by mummy magic! Check it out!

“The Mummy” follows Tom Cruise making a mess of things by waking up an entombed, ancient princess. She’s very angry about something, probably being woken up after a millennia, and expresses it in a violent, destructive manner. I’m guessing they’ll be some romance in there somewhere too. Tom Cruise is bound to woe someone, maybe the mummy. We’ll see. I’ll be interested to see if there will be more plot in the full trailer, but for now, Universal is keeping things under… wraps.

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