County 911 Board Receives “Clean” Rating on Audit

Effingham, IL / Effingham Radio
County 911 Board Receives "Clean" Rating on Audit

The Effingham County 911 Board reviewed their 2016 financial audit during their monthly meeting on Tuesday. Representatives from West and Company gave the board an unmodified, or clean, rating, meaning that the board’s finances have been properly accounted for.

The board also discussed making an upgrade to the 911 system’s network. According to Deb Prather of INdigital, the company that provides telecommunication equipment for the county, upgrading the 911 system’s network would allow for new methods of calling for assistance. For example, individuals would be able to text the PSAP for assistance in addition to calling. Prather said this service is important for individuals who have hearing disabilities because it allows the PSAP to communicate with them visually. The system also creates redundancy in the 911 program, meaning that if certain parts fail there is a backup in place. The upgrade is expected sometime this year.

In other action the board the purchase of backup batteries and four new maintenance plans for police radios.

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