Sen. McCarter Calls Proposed Tax Increases “Insulting Call” to Taxpayers

Effingham, IL / Effingham Radio
Sen. McCarter Calls Proposed Tax Increases "Insulting Call" to Taxpayers

Several bills passed in the Illinois Senate Wednesday that are part of the “Grand Bargain” being proposed to end the state’s long-standing budget crisis. While State Sen. Kyle McCarter agreed with some of the reforms included in the deal, he said that parts of the bargain were an affront to taxpayers. “Attached is an insulting call for the taxpayers to pay for the past sins of the legislature,” McCarter told colleagues.

“We’ve budgeted backwards here,” McCarter continued. “We’ve determined how big we want this government to be and now we’re asking for the taxpayers to make up for the irresponsible financial decisions that have been over the last few decades.”

According to McCarter, positive reforms in the bargain are too tied up with additional sales and income tax increases.

Sen. McCarter speaks on tax increases.


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