Sen. Dale Righter Receives Award For Conservative Excellence

Effingham, IL / Effingham Radio
Sen. Dale Righter Receives Award For Conservative Excellence

State Sen. Dale Righter was recognized with an award for conservative excellence from the American Conservative Union (ACU) for 2016 in Springfield. He was selected for the award due to his “perfect” conservative voting record.

“I stand firmly behind the notion of getting government out of the way,” Righter said. “Government has never been the only answer, and will never be the only answer to problems. True and lasting answers come from individuals, families, business owners, churches, and communities working hard, living a value based life, and taking personal responsibility. I am proud to represent a district that embodies the principals of a free society; those being life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

 The ACU claims that legislators with high voting scores are more consistent in following with the Constitution. The groups looked at 19 pieces of legislation in 2016 that were related to the ideas of the Constitution and found that Sen. Righter votes matched conservative values.

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