American Society of Clinical Oncology Releases Annual Cancer Research Progress Report

Effingham, IL / Effingham Radio

Saturday, February 4th was World Cancer Day. In coordination with the day, the American Society of Clinical Oncology released their annual report on the progress being made in the battle against cancer. The Society also called on the Trump Administration to continue the funding being used for medical research.

Co-Editor of the report, titled “Clinical Cancer Advances 2017”, Breast Cancer Specialist, Dr. Harold Burstein remarked on the exceptional progress that was made in 2016 regarding the understanding of the Immune System and the Human Genomes. He also stressed the importance of federal funding in cancer research. “One of the groups most dependent on federal research grants are young people in their 20s and 30s who are perhaps at their scientifically most cutting edge in terms of their thinking and experimentation, and we need to support their work if we’re going to have progress”.

According to the report, immunotherapy was 2016’s largest advance. Burstein stated that in just one year, the FDA had approved five new uses for immunotherapy. Additionally, cancer prevention has improved over the last year. Besides for major advancement in the HPV vaccine, Burstein remarked on other areas of cancer prevention being progressed, “Recently a report from Australia that Vitamin B compounds like nicotinamides can help prevent second skin cancers in people who’ve already had one skin cancer. So active prevention strategies emerging really for some of the first times”.

The report also included the advances being made in genetic tests and new treatments. It also stressed the importance of research on using “liquid biopsies” in cancer patients care.

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