REO Speedwagon Booked at E.P.C.

Effingham, IL / Effingham Radio
REO Speedwagon Booked at E.P.C.

The Effingham Performance Center has announced that central Illinois-founded rock group REO Speedwagon is returning in November of this year. The group formed in 1967 and has been actively touring and releasing albums since then. The group has topped charts with an RIAA-certified 22-million albums sold in the U.S., 40-million around the globe, and a number of gold and platinum albums. Their nine-times certified platinum  album Hi Infidelity was 1# for 15 weeks. Still, band members Kevin Cronin, Bruce Hall, Neal Doughty, Dave Amato, and Byran Hitt continue to thrill audiences.

Tickets are on sale for the November 16th show to E.P.C. season ticket holders now through February 14th and will be available to the public on beginning at 10 a.m. February 15th. More information is available here!

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