ISP Issues Winter Weather Travel Advisory

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ISP Issues Winter Weather Travel Advisory

Effingham and surrounding areas are in for more ice this weekend as Winter Storm Jupiter moves in. The storm is expected to bring a range of winter precipitation, namely ice accumulation.

In anticipation of the storm, motorists should make sure to have a full tank of gas, check tire pressure, pack a vehicle supply kit, and get supplies needed for home now to avoid going out during the storm.

“Before heading out on the roads this weekend, check the current weather and road conditions.  Then, consider if travel is necessary with those conditions in mind,” said District 12 Commander, Captain Cory Ristvedt.  District 12 is making preparation now to handle the coming winter storm, we encourage Illinois residents to also prepare so we may traverse this winter storm safely together,” he continued.

Stranded motorists should remain in their vehicles, if possible, with seat belts on while waiting for assistance. Additionally motorists involved in a crash that doesn’t require emergency assistance can file a crash report at the nearest police station within 10 days. Motorists should slow down and move over for any parked vehicle, emergency or not, with their hazards on.

Here are some other helpful safety tips!

  • Make sure someone is aware of your travel route.
  • Dress warmly – choose layers of clothing in anticipation of unexpected winter weather emergencies.
  • Keep your gas tank at least two-thirds full to prevent the vehicle’s fuel line from freezing. Plenty of fuel is also important if your vehicle becomes stranded.
  • Don’t crowd the plow – remember, a snowplow operator’s field of vision is restricted. You may see them, but they may not see you. It is the law to move over or slow down when passing these, or any parked vehicles with their hazard lights on.
  • Watch out for black ice – roads that appear clear may be treacherous. Take it slow when approaching intersections, off-ramps, bridges, and shady areas – all are prone to black ice.
  • Have an emergency car care kit that contains jumper cables, a flashlight, a small ice scraper, blankets, gloves, food items, water, and a first aid kit.
  • Carry a cell phone AND charger.
  • Always wear a safety belt.

Road conditions are available at 1-800-IDOT (4386) or here!


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