Looks like that SOA Mayans Spin-Off is Happening

Effingham, IL / Effingham Radio

RIDING THROUGH THIS WOOOORLD! ALL ALONE! Oh… I didn’t see you there. Well, it looks like that “Sons Of Anarchy” spin-off series, based on the Mayans Motorcycle Club is officially a “go.” Production orders for a pilot episode have been issued by FX with filming to start in March.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the pilot will focus on EZ Reyes, a Mayans prospect in a chapter located near the California/Mexico. Reyes apparently has some beef with the drug cartels that will be playing out during the pilot. The Mayans played a major role throughout SOA’s run as both allies and enemies of SAMCRO. The spin-off will take place after the events of the original show.

Emilio Rivera, who played Marcus Alvarez in SOA, posted this on Instagram a few weeks back hinting that the spin off was happening. It is yet unknown if he will be in the pilot.


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